You Can Order Your Rides Four Different Ways: Online, by Phone, by Fax, or by Mail

describe the imageThank you for including our rides in your auction! You can order your rides four ways:

  1. Order online and pay by Credit Card or PayPal Account, see below.
  2. Call in your order and pay by Credit Card or check, call (800) 762-7464 Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm.
  3. Mail in your order and pay by Check using our Mail-in/Fax Order Form included in your Auction Packet.
  4. Fax in your order and pay by Credit Card using our Mail-in/Fax order form included in your Auction Packet.
If you need to print a new order form, you can click here.It will open as a .pdf file in a new browser window. You can print it now or save it to your computer and print later.

In addition to the ticket(s), you will receive everything the winning bidder(s) will need to schedule their ride, including a list of all our locations and the phone numbers of all the pilots around the country.

Does your non-profit organization qualify for the free balloon ride for one person? To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You included the Balloon Ride for TWO People, and the Balloon Ride for FOUR People in your auction.
  • You are placing your order within 21 days of the close of our auction.

If your organization meets these criteria, you qualify for the free ride for one person. First add the rides you are purchasing to your cart. Then you can add the free ride for one person to your cart.

Two Quick Notes about Ordering the Free Ride for One Person

1. Our shopping cart technology will not accept items for $0, so we have priced the Free Ride here at one penny. Sorry about this, but it was the only way we could provide our free ride offer through convenient online ordering. If you prefer NOT to pay this penny, that's totally fine--we understand! Simply call our office to place your order (800) 762-7464.

2. If no rides sold at your auction, and all you are ordering is the free ride, you will need to call our office at (800) 762-7464 and place your order with Roberta. Online ordering requires providing a credit card, which we legally can't require for a free item.


Hot Air Balloon Ride Secure Online Ordering with Special Non-profit Pricing

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or a PayPal Account with our secure online shopping cart. Rides will ship either today or the next business day. We ship all orders USPS First Class Mail from CT. We will ship the ride to you. You will then forward the ticket to the winning bidder. We do not ship to winning bidders directly. We have a 60-day full refund policy.

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Ordering Note: If you are ordering more than one type of ride (for example a balloon ride for two and a balloon ride for four), please add the first ride to your cart, and then click on the gray "Continue Shopping" button in your cart. You will be brought back to this screen and can add additional items to your cart. Thank you!

Hot Air Balloon Ride for Four People

Hot Air Balloon Ride for Two People

Free Ride for One Person for Qualifying Non-profit Organizations

FYI...Our shopping cart technology does not accept $0 items, you will be chared one penny for this item ($0.01). If you prefer not to pay this penny, simply call and place your order (800) 762-7464. Thank you!

Please affirm that you meet our qualifying criteria by answering the two questions below, then click on the Add to Cart button. If you cannot answer both these questions with a "Yes," then your organization does not qualify for the free ride.