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Some people bid on rides with a gift in mind...

Some people bid on rides with a gift in mind

"This is the best birthday present ever. Even though I had to get up early, this was a great memory that me and my mom will remember forever. All of the kids in my 4th grade class will be so jealous to hear what I did for my birthday!"

Some bidders simply want to do something different...

Some bidders simply want to do something different

"It was strikingly quite and peaceful. If you are flying low enough, you can actually converse with the amazed people on the ground..."

Ride Descriptions and Hot Air Balloon Images for your Auction Catalog!

Your auction catalog will look great with our images of hot air balloon rides

Need some exciting copy and beautiful images to represent our rides in your auction catalog? You got it! We have a short and a long description as well as six balloon images to choose from! Click here to visit our Catalog Content page

Some people bid to make a dream come true...

Some people bid to make a dream come true

"When we lifted off, it was breathtakingly beautiful! Our pilot, Mike, and his whole crew made it even more enjoyable. They were great. It was a dream come true for Pat, and an experience both of us will never forget."

Some bidders are looking for a very special memory...

Some bidders are looking for a very special memory

"I gave the ticket to my fiance, Kim, for an engagement present (as if the ring wasn't enough!). We took our balloon ride on our pre-one year anniversary, exactly one year before our wedding date."

Using Our Live and Silent Auction Packet is Easy & Fun

It’s a great way for you to raise funds at your next Live and Silent Auction. The pages that follow contain everything you need. There is no risk to you, no upfront cost and we’ll give you a FREE Hot Air Balloon Ride Ticket just for setting up our posters at your auction. You don’t have to sell any tickets to get your FREE TICKET. And all the profit on any other rides you sell is yours. You can sell as many rides as you are able. Best of all, Balloon Rides add a lot of fun and excitement to the evening. It is as simple as 1—2—3!

  1. Set Up the Kit at Your Silent Auction. In this kit are the Balloon Ride Display Signs for one person, two people, and four people. Set up all three of the Display Signs on your auction table along with the List of Balloon Ride Locations Nationwide and your own bid sheets.

    The minimum bid stated on the Display Signs starts at the low prices we offer exclusively to non-profit organizations. The Ticket for one person is FREE to your organization, but you should set a minimum bid of $120—Retail Value $225. Everything that is bid on the Ride for One is profit for you. Set a minimum bid of $240 for the Ride for Two—Retail Value $450. Everything above $240 is profit for you. Set a minimum bid of $480 for the Ride for Four—Retail Value $900. Everything above $480 is profit for you. When the bidding starts, the fun begins—creating lots of excitement at your event! Almost everyone wants to go on a balloon ride.  
  2. Once the Bidding Closes and You Have Winners, Offer Additional Tickets at the Same Price to Everyone at the Event. For example, say the bidding for the Ride for Two tops out at $400, you can offer that ride for Two for $400 to everyone at the event. There is no limit to the number of rides you may sell. These are shared basket rides. Our balloons hold four to six passengers, so friends can schedule to go together, if they wish. Tickets are good for twelve months at 200 locations nationwide.
  3. After Your Event, Order your Free Ticket and any Additional Tickets You Sold. If you did not sell any additional tickets at your Silent Auction, just don’t order any. We will always send you your FREE Ticket. The order form is included in this kit. You may order by mail, email, fax, by phone or online. We will mail the ticket(s) to you. You can then distribute them to the winner(s).
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Ok, Let’s Get Started! It is Simple and We Are Here to Help!

Even if your event is tonight, you have all you need. If you have a question or two, give us a call at 800-762-7464, Monday to Friday between 10am and 6pm Eastern Time. We are a team of friendly people who are eager to answer your questions. If you need additional copies of this Kit for other members of your Committee, just print them from www.FundraisingRides.org. During the past 14 years, 20,000 Charities, Schools, and Churches have used the program at their Live and Silent Auctions.  See our web Page for a list of 1,000 participating organizations!