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Some people bid on rides with a gift in mind...

Some people bid on rides with a gift in mind

"This is the best birthday present ever. Even though I had to get up early, this was a great memory that me and my mom will remember forever. All of the kids in my 4th grade class will be so jealous to hear what I did for my birthday!"

Some bidders simply want to do something different...

Some bidders simply want to do something different

"It was strikingly quite and peaceful. If you are flying low enough, you can actually converse with the amazed people on the ground..."

Ride Descriptions and Hot Air Balloon Images for your Auction Catalog!

Your auction catalog will look great with our images of hot air balloon rides

Need some exciting copy and beautiful images to represent our rides in your auction catalog? You got it! We have a short and a long description as well as six balloon images to choose from! Click here to visit our Catalog Content page

Some people bid to make a dream come true...

Some people bid to make a dream come true

"When we lifted off, it was breathtakingly beautiful! Our pilot, Mike, and his whole crew made it even more enjoyable. They were great. It was a dream come true for Pat, and an experience both of us will never forget."

Some bidders are looking for a very special memory...

Some bidders are looking for a very special memory

"I gave the ticket to my fiance, Kim, for an engagement present (as if the ring wasn't enough!). We took our balloon ride on our pre-one year anniversary, exactly one year before our wedding date."

How This Works! Our Hot Air Balloon Rides Will Take Your Live or Silent Auction Up, Up, and Away!

Let’s get the ball rolling with a chart that summarizes the offer. Keep in mind, if any of this doesn’t make sense, you can give us a call! Our phone number is 1-800-SOARING ( 1-800-762-7464 ). Our customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm ( EST ).

Your fundraiser can raise at least $680 with our hot air balloon rides!

Step-by-Step: There is no risk and the FREE balloon ride guarantees great results!

To qualify to receive the free hot air balloon ride for one person, all we require is that you include the Balloon Ride for Two People and the Balloon Ride for Four People in your auction. If no one bids on these rides, you do not purchase them—no risk!

This presents a big upside for your auction! Your special non-profit pricing is 40% less than our retail prices, so in addition to receiving the Balloon Ride for One Person Free—a $200 value—you have the opportunity to raise hundreds of dollars on the balloon ride for two people and the balloon ride for four people ( see the “Your Profit” column in the chart, above ). There are three steps:

  1. You include the Balloon Ride for Two People and the Balloon Ride for Four People in your live or silent auction.

    • We provide auction display signs, matching bid sheets, and a nationwide ride location list in our in our free FundraisingRides packet.
    • To ensure that you raise money with these rides, the minimum bids on the bid sheets are set at the special non-profit prices for these rides. Your organization keeps all funds raised above the minimum bid.
    If no one bids on these rides, you are still entitled to the free ride for one person—you can count on that!

    Our silent auction display Signs will be a show piece on  your auction table!
  2. The FREE Hot Air Balloon Ride for One Person can be used any way you like! See list of suggested ideas in the next section, below.
  3. After the auction, use the Post-Auction Order Form included in the FundraisingRides Auction Packet to request the free ride (or you can order from this website online!). You will also use this form to purchase any rides for two people or four people that you sold at your event at our low non-profit pricing. (FYI, you can double or triple your profits by offering rides to the 2nd and 3rd place bidders at the winning bid price.)

What You Do with the Free Ride is up to YOU! Here are a Few Great Ideas:

Raffle prize, door prize, thank you gift--all great ideas for the free balloon ride for one person.
  • Boost Advance Event Ticket Sales—Use as a door prize to promote early event ticket sales! “Buy your ticket to attend this year’s event by [ insert your date ] and you will be automatically entered to win a hot air balloon ride!”

  • Increase Raffle Ticket Sales—Use the balloon ride for a raffle on its own, or as a second prize to a grand prize. This exciting addition to any raffle will broaden the appeal among guests and open the raffle up to additional ticket buyers!

  • Improve Ticket Sales for a Chinese Auction—Add the ride to the table where guests have great odds of winning.

  • Add Excitement to and Increase Bidding on a Wine / Gift Basket—Include the ride for one as part of the package.

  • Use Your Free Ride for a Gift—There is always someone you need to thank at the end of a fundraising event!

  • Include The Ride in Your Auction—Create a display for the ride for one person alongside the rides for two people and four people in your auction.

Of course, you may come up with your own great idea!

Ok, Let’s Get Your Live or Silent Auction Started! It’s Simple, and We’re Here to Help!

Even if your event is tonight, you have all you need to set up the posters and offer the Balloon Rides. But, most people have a question or two and we have a team of six friendly people here to answer your questions: Roberta, Gail, Deli, MaryJo, Sophia and Diane. Just call 1-800-762-7464, Monday to Friday between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM Eastern Time. If you need additional copies of the FundraisingRides Auction Packet including display materials sent to other members of your Committee or Group we will mail or email copies to them.