You Can Print the Entire FundraisingRides Auction Packet or Extra Copies of Individual Pages

Simply click on the image of the file you would like to save or print! All files will open in a new window as a .pdf. You can print them now, or save them to your computer for printing later.

Entire Eleven-Page FundraisingRides Auction Packet

Note:This is a large document that may take a few minutes to open and download.

Your auction displays are all included in our auction packet.

Balloon Ride for One Person Display Sign

Your fundraiser can leverage the free balloon ride for one person any way you like!

Balloon Ride for Two People Bid Sheet

The auction bid sheet for the balloon ride for two people starts the bidding at $240.

Post-Auction Mail-in/Fax Order Form

After your auction fundraiser you can use our Mail-in/Fax Order Form to get your rides.

Balloon Ride for One Person Bid Sheet

You will only need the balloon ride for one person bid sheet if you decide to include it in your auction.

Balloon Ride for Four People Display Sign

The auction table display sign for the balloon ride for four people features a striking blue and green balloon.