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Your Auction fundraiser will soar to new heights with our hot air balloon rides!

This sounds too good to be true. Do I have to sell some Hot Air Balloon Rides in order to get my free hot air balloon ride?

No, you don’t have to sell any Hot Air Balloon Rides to get your free ticket. You just have to include the Hot Air Balloon Ride for Two People and the Hot Air Balloon ride for Four People in your Live or Silent auction.You only purchase balloon rides if they sell in your auction. If you don’ sell it, you don’t purchase them. And, regardless of the outcome on the rides for two and four people, you will receive the Hot Air Balloon Ride for One Person, free.

Help! My silent auction is tonight, can I use your balloon rides in my silent auction?

Absolutely! Just click here to print out the FundraisingRides Packet and you are good to go! It includes all your auction display materials. The FundraisingRides Packet will open as a .pdf file in a new window. You can print it now or save it to your computer and print it later.

Do you have ride descriptions and hot air balloon images that we can use in our print or online catalog?

Yes! Everything you need is on this website. Click here to visit our Catalog Content page: www.FundraisingRides.org/Catalog

We are having a live auction at our event. Can we include a Balloon Ride in our Live Auction?

Sure. Live Auctions have worked well for many organizations. Because live auctions typically feature high-ticket items, the Hot Air Balloon Ride for Four People is a natural fit! Just be sure to start the bidding at the price you pay for the ride--$480. You can then include the Balloon Ride for Two People on your Silent Auction table.

What if I Request the FundraisingRides Auction Packet and then decide not to use it in my auction?

That's totally okay. We know that you are working with a group of people on this event. People often have to run the idea past their auction committees. So, go ahead, print or order the Silent Auction Kit. Included with the signs are two pages of guidance and tips. You can share the idea with your colleagues on the event and decide together if it is right for your auction. Of course, we are here to help and we hope everyone likes it! But, you are under no obligation to include the items in your auction.

What is the minimum age for a hot air balloon ride?

The minimum age is six years old.

How long have you been in business?

Captain Rob photo

Soaring Adventures of America, Inc. was founded by aviation-enthusiast, Rob Wilkinson, in 1980. What started as a small network of gliderports up and down the East Coast has now grown into the largest recreational aviation network in the country. Joined now by his wife and daughter in the business as well as several good friends and hundreds of pilots, "Captain Rob" is still at the helm very much enjoying his work, flying whenever he can, and taking his customers' spirits soaring at our Martha's Vineyard location every summer. You can see him "at work" in the picture to the right with his grandson, Eli.

If you would like to visit the retail website for Soaring Adventures of America, Inc, go to www.800Soaring.com

Sorting coats for the CoatmobileAbout the The Coatmobile

If you are calling us on a cold day in January, it might take us a couple extra rings to come to the phone. Each year, the Soaring Adventures headquarters in Wilton, CT temporarily transforms to the Soaring Adventures Coatmobile headquarters. Captain Rob and his family collect gently used coats from the community and distribute them to 16 homeless shelters in Connecticut. It is wonderful how regular people can get real things done. To date, 5,200 coats have been distributed to the homeless and working poor. Everyone on the Soaring Adventures team pitches in receiving coat donations as they come in the front door, folding coats, and organizing them into piles for men, women and children. So, while we will be delighted to take your call in January, we may take a little longer to get to the phone.

A Family Business with History

As a unique and exciting business, Soaring Adventures of America has been subject of many feature articles over the past thirty years. You can click on the newspaper logos below to read a selection of our favorite news stories over the years.

The Boston Globe August 17, 1983

Newsday March 31, 1986

The Wilton Bulletin October 6, 1982