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A Tribute to All You Spiders (And, 2 Fundraising Idea Winners!)


At 7:55AM, my 5-year-old daughter and I leave through the kitchen door. Hand-in-hand, we taverse our neighbor's yard, wind along a shared driveway (with a quick stop to count the frogs), cross our church parking lot, and gallop—well she does—down a big hill to reach the elementary school.

This is the most treasured 22 minutes of my day.

Fundraising Event Planners are like spiders!Last week, on a morning with thick milky fog in every direction, my daughter stopped to look up. Jaw dropped, in a tranquil whisper, she said, “Mommy, look at the spider webs!”

I looked up.

A towering evergreen, worthy of Rockefeller Center, was host to hundreds of spider webs—and presumably their makers. The visible mist had collected on every transparent strand—exposing for us mere mortals what is normally concealed from view by the morning sun. Each dinner plate-sized web was remarkably preserved by the still morning air.

On my quiet walk back from school—my second, most-treasured 22 minutes of my day—I thought to myself...

...these spiders are like all of you!

Since the end of August, our "web"site has been receiving hundreds of requests for our Auction Packets. These packets are requested as research for events that are still half a year away.

Like the spiders' intricate webs going unnoticed day after day, your meticulous work on your fundraising event is unknown to most. This private work will go on for months and months until the day when all your efforts spring to life. And—like the impact of the spiders' webs—all who are lucky enough to experience your event will be inspired.

So, I wanted you to know, that I KNOW you are out there hard at work. You are dedicated, diligent, creative, and overwhelmed. As you exist in this temporary state of under appreciation, I wanted to say…





And the Fundraising Idea Drawing Winners Are…

Also, I wanted to announce TWO winners of a Hot Air Balloon Ride for Two People! I confess, I should have awarded one of these prizes this summer, but the blog and website were so quiet, and we were so busy revamping our FundraisingRides offer. The Giveaway simply got away from me.

Today, we put all the entries from last Spring until now in a hat and selected two winners. Here they are WITH the ideas they shared!

Yvonne, Who Helps Raise Money for A Church—An Extra $1,400 Raised!

For anything that doesn't sell at the auction, we send out an email to all members of the church (which of course includes people who did not attend the auction) listing the unsold items and offering them at the minimum bid.  It is first come, first served.  We made an extra $1,400 when things that didn't sell at the auction were offered to the entire church community in this way.

How Fundraisers can use chicken poop to raise moneySandi, Who Helps Raise Money for A High School Sports Team—Chicken Poop Roulette

Lots of fun! You make a grid with as many numbers as you have people or (1/2 as many numbers if you would have two winners). We used butcher paper taped together to line a large pen. Sell each number for say $5.00. The chicken runs free until it poops on a number and that number wins $100.00 or whatever you determine the prize to be. (P.S. Besides being a little confused as to why the crowd cheered when she did her business, the chicken was not at all harmed in this effort!)

Thank you Yvonne and Sandi and everyone else who entered! We will be awarding a Hot Air Balloon Ride for Two People every month from November through June. All you have to do is click through to our online form and share your fundraising idea. If you send me a photo to support your entry, you get two chances to win in the drawing!

As always, the Bliss is in the Details!

Warm Regards,


This blog is sponsored by FundraisingRides, the division of Soaring Adventures of America, Inc. dedicated to providing non-profit organizations with fundraising opportunities.


Your Silent Auction Table Never Looked Better!


Cross watermelon off your grocery list!It’s time to cross watermelon, hot dog buns, and lemonade off your weekly grocery list. Push your shorts to the back of the closet and replace them with your favorite dark jeans. Go ahead, swap out those cool cotton blankets for their cozy wool cousins.

This time of year, we fine tune a thousand little details in our lives to accommodate the changing of the seasons, the advent of a new academic year, and the overall shift in mindset from carefree to focused.

I don’t know about you, but I really take pleasure in this process. I guess across the board, for me, the Bliss is in the Details! Change feels good, and the art of getting prepared for it feels empowering.

Lucky me, this Summer, I had the opportunity to take my joy for the fine tuning process and apply it to FundraisingRides. I think you guys know, as a rule, I don’t blog about our business. The mission of this blog is to share your great ideas about fundraising events. But, as we launch into the 2012/2013 fundraising season, I wanted to dedicate one post to announce some really amazing fine tuning we have made to the FundraisingRides offer.

I think you are going to love it all!

Auction Table FundraisingRides Display

The heart and soul of our offer remains the same,
a free hot air balloon ride for one person for every non-profit that participates.

So what’s new? We have a completely redesigned FundraisingRides Auction Packet, we have added some really helpful online resources, and created a Tabletop Auction Display that will totally capture your bidders’ attention!

Here are a few things you will finSilent Auction display sign for hot air balloon ride for two peopled in the new FundraisingRides Auction Packet:

  • A reduction in requirement for receiving the FREE Hot Air Balloon Ride for One Person. Instead of having to include the Balloon Ride for One, Balloon Ride for Two, and the Balloon Ride for Four in your auction, You are only required to include the Balloon Ride for Two People and The Balloon Ride for Four People.
  • New vibrant auction display signs WITH matching bid sheets.
  • And, tip sheets to hand out to your auction team members for effortless communication.

As for our online resources, they now include a page dedicated to providing content for your online or print Auction Catalog. There are short and long hot air balloon ride descriptions available, as well as six hot air balloon images to choose from!

Finally, I am very excited to announce our new FREE FundraisingRides Auction Tabletop Display Kit! I would like to take this opportunity to thank my husband for his unending patience as I turned my kitchen into the FundraisingRides Craft Lab, this summer! Paper, balloons, scissors, tape and ribbons consumed our kitchen table as I worked my way from one prototype to the next. We ate many meals out on the patio!

Silent Auction Table-top Display

The result is a terrific addition to your auction table. We will send you everything you need, for free. All you have to do is supply a handful of things you already have around your house—an empty milk or orange juice carton, tape, scissors, and a ball point pen. Oh…and you do need about 40 minutes to get it done. It is really beautiful and professional, and well worth your time!

To order your FREE 2012/2013 FundraisingRides Auction Packet and your Auction Tabletop Display Kit, simply click here and fill our our online form.

I truly hope that you and your family had an amazing summer. I am so very excited to be with you at the start of this fundraising season! Please contact me with suggested blog topics anytime. Also, don’t forget to submit your own special fundraising ideas…I plan on giving away a lot of hot air balloon rides this year.

Remember, the Bliss Is in the Details!

Warm Regards,


This blog is sponsored by FundraisingRides, the division of Soaring Adventures of America, Inc. dedicated to providing non-profit organizations with fundraising opportunities.


Put IMPACT Center Stage at Your Fundraising Event!


Hi Everyone!

First, I want to start with a BIG apology for my blogging hiatus. A family vacation and a busy work schedule (outside of blogging) kept me away. But now, I am back with a stockpile of ideas to write about.

I am going to start with the events of this past weekend. This post is split into two topics. The first section describes a personal revelation I had as a blogger. But, that may not interest you! So, feel to go straight to the meat and potatoes advice about fundraising events in the section following, Thanks!

Humbled—Introducing Your New and Improved Blogger

Fundraising Event Orchid DisplaySo, I went to an absolutely stunning gala for the local chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. I had never been to such an upscale fundraising event—and I was amazed.

The tent was decked in chandeliers and featured an elegant bar that encircled a tower of orchids.  The cloud-like room draped in billowing white fabric was accented with beautiful young women dressed in silver sequined strapless mini dresses. To complete their totally Mod look, they sported electric blue bob wigs that were topped off with Paula-Abdul-style headsets, allowing them whisper logistics to their twins who spanned the venue.

They were super cool…and I was out of my element.

I took a few deep breaths and parked myself in front of platter at a sushi bar equipped with easy-access tongs to fill and refill my plate. As I took comfort in noshing, I wondered, “What could I learn at this elaborate event that will help my readers?”

Most of you have restricted fundraising event budgets. You rely on homespun charm and resourceful genius. And with the exception of the auctioneer, your staff is primarily volunteer and inexperienced. I confess to a moment of arrogance thinking that the scope of financial and professional resources (donated or otherwise) trained on pulling off this event felt a bit like cheating.

I was swiftly humbled.

Fundraising Event Place SettingIn fact, as the evening unfolded, the rug was completely pulled out from under me again and again, as I cried, cheered, and felt the room come together for a common goal.

I giggled with the friend sitting next to me as we sorted out what sequence to attack our eight pieces of silverware! And, the paradigm I had built in my head about how I think fundraising events stack up came collapsing in.

The net of it all is, when it comes to fundraising events, whether the budget is $1,000 or $100,000, authenticity and passion prevail. It is a spectrum of goodwill that deserves respect at every level.  And, in reality, to meet the MASSIVE collective financial needs of non-porofit organizations large and small, we absolutely need that entire spectrum of events to bring in dollars from all types of donors.

So, shame on me for thinking that you have to bootstrap to be authentic.

The good news, for you, is that your blogger grew up and expanded her horizons. Once I opened my mind, I learned A LOT on Saturday night that is highly relevant to you and your event! Regardless of where your event falls on the spectrum of fundraising, you can benefit from this post. Please read on!

Put The IMPACT of Your Organization Center Stage—What I learned from Harrison

It is safe to assume that every person who walks in the door to your event embraces the mission of your organization. But, it is erroneous to assume that every person who walks in the door of your event grasps the impact of your mission.

And, while the mission of your organization undoubtedly touches heart of your attendees, it is the impact of your mission that will get them in their gut. In fact, putting the impact of your mission center stage can cause a group of attendees to coalesce—reacting collectively, sharing empathy, and experiencing enlightenment.

To that end, I would like to introduce you to Harrison Zuckerberg.

Harrison was honored at the JDRF event I attended, this weekend. He is ten  years old and has had Type-1 Diabetes for most of his life. At six years old he started a movement called T-1 Enlightenment to raise awareness for finding a cure to Type-1 Diabetes. It is this work that he was honored for.

The video, below, of his speech is only four minutes long. About two minutes in, you will see possibly the best example I could find anywhere of putting the impact of your mission center stage.

In the ten minutes following Harrison’s speech, the audience (approximately 400 people) committed $139,000 toward the JDRF’s efforts to Forward a Cure! These were incremental donations above and beyond funds raised by the live and silent auctions and the ticket sales.

Now, don’t for a second be intimidated by the process of putting the impact of your mission center stage. Not every organization is lucky enough to have a Harrison. But, there are many ways to accomplish this that are within reach.

The first step (And the most important one!),
is to define your organization’s impact in its simplest terms

Make your impact relatable to everyone in the room. Harrison is a great teacher for us on this! He tells us, in tactical terms, how every day of his life as a ten-year-old boy will change when he is cured of Type-1 Diabetes.

Fundraiser, ChristinaFor a live case study in accomplishing this, I called a college friend, Christina, who is the president of the board of trustees of a massive watershed association in New Jersey—a powerful group that protects watershed areas across 470 square miles of the state.

Most likely, an attendee at a fundraising event for Christina’s organization will know that a watershed association’s mission is to ensure the protection of the natural resources of a watershed through education, advocacy, land preservation, and stewardship.

And, while we can all grasp that mission in our head, it isn't something that we can feel in our gut—something we will talk to our friends about. That’s why we need to crack open that mission and expose the organization’s impact on the community.

Throughout our conversation, my passionate and intelligent friend Christina kept using heady and scientific terminology such as, “non-point source pollution,”  “impervious surfaces,” “soil degradation,” and “open space,” as she waxed on about the expansive work of the organization. Honestly, it was a little confusing, and not at all compelling.

So I stopped her. And, I asked Christina to imagine her community without the watershed association.

“Oh!” She said. And, she paused.

That was the trick. The conversation turned more…well conversational!  And we got to some relatable impacts that an event audience would quickly embrace. They broke down into little “what if, stories” that could be communicated in a speech, montage, or video. Here is one such “what if story.” Just imagine Christina at the podium speaking to you…

Imagine a wooded area. A canopy of trees allows rain water to disperse evenly across the forest bed. The soil gently filters the droplets. They gather underground yielding to natural flows that lead to tributaries, streams, rivers, and eventually lakes and reservoirs.

explaining the impact of watersheds at a fundraiserNow replace that wooded area with an average big box store. 500,000 square feet of absorbent soil is traded in for impervious roof and parking lot asphalts. The rushing waters channeling across these non-porous surfaces dislodge and take on oil, grease, phosphorus, road salt, and other manmade debris.

The water is artificially routed to rivers and streams. Naturally ill-equipped to handle the volume, these waterways are diverted and manipulated to efficiently deliver this “fresh” water to our reservoirs.

Without our organization—WITHOUT YOU—contamination of our drinking water supply would go unchecked. But, with all of us working together, standards including multi-level garages, porous pavement, parking lots beneath stores, and re-development of existing vacant properties, are put in place help to support both our ecosystem and our economy.

Christina’s donors definitely have interest in funding stewardship and education. However, they are PASSIONATE about seeing to it that the oil, radiator fluid and gasoline from expansive big box parking lots don’t end up in our drinking water supply.

Supporters of JDRF, want to find a cure for Type-1 Diabetes. But, they are PASSIONATE about seeing to it that children with Type-1 Diabetes, like Harrison, can go to a sleep at night without fearing they will slip into a diabetic coma.

So, put your organization’s impact center stage at your event,
and transform your caring donors into PASSIONATE supporters!

And remember, the bliss is in the details!

Warm regards,


This blog is sponsored by FundraisingRides, the division of Soaring Adventures of America, Inc. dedicated to providing non-profit organizations with fundraising opportunities.


What I Did This Past Weekend—Field Reporting from a Local Auction Fundraiser!


Table settings from auction fundraiserThis Saturday, I went to a wonderful fundraising event for an elementary school in Stamford, CT. I had the chance to observe some amazing fundraising excellence in action. Plus, the night was extra special for me, because, I went with my Dad.

Arm-in-arm, this 42-year-old mom walked into the ballroom with her 76-year-old father (and employer). I felt so proud. It was the 1978 Father-Daughter Square Dance at the Annual Girl Scout Jamboree all over again.

As a result, while mulling how I should report my fundraising findings from the event back to you, I found myself in a reminiscent mindset. Did you know, I first worked for Dad three decades ago?

In the summers just preceding my teenage years, I helped my parents run an aerial sightseeing business out of the rustic Trade Wind airport on Martha’s Vineyard. Featuring tales of the hundreds of flights launched from the bumpy grass runways, my back-to-school essay, "What I Did on My Summer Vacation," was always the most exciting story from the class. (Once I was even published in our local newspaper, Our Summer Sailplane Service, 1982!)

Silent Auction Table CenterpiecesAnd so…this week I am giving a nod to those long ago essays about summers with my dad and submitting to you for your grading my Monday-back-to-work essay on “What I Did This Past Weekend!” (I hope I get an A+!)

First off, this was a very impressive event. I was most struck by the event team’s focus and organization—This group orchestrated the evening more like a Navy Seals Unit than a temporary assembly of volunteer moms.

I got a real kick out of overhearing one G.I. Jane answer another’s question with … “You will find that at Central Ops.” Um…turns out that “Central Ops” was the registration table. Really, they were incredible!  

I can’t possibly cover everything that was great about the evening one post. So, I am going to dedicate this post to what I think they did best.

They made it EASY for me to spend my money.

Here are five ways I think they excelled in making the spending experience effortless and enjoyable for their guests.

1. Express Checkout

    The Express Checkout option on registration really set the tone that this group truly respected my time. Nobody likes the long lines at checkout at fundraising events. Knowing that the end of the evening would simply involve grabbing my invoice and picking up the items I had won was great. I felt like I had wings!

    For those who haven’t done this, express checkout simply involves asking for credit card information at registration with the understanding that all purchases will be charged on that card after the event.

    Receiving a clean and clear email receipt within 24 hours of the event closed the loop on this process, and really made me feel like event organizers were ultra considerate of, not only my time, but also my financial information.

    2. That “Already Paid” Feeling!

      By the time I stepped in front of the first silent auction item that piqued my interest, I had actually already signed my receipt. And, for whatever reason, this gave me a sense of bidding freedom. Spending money was inevitable, predestined even!  I was just going through the motions of making the bids I was intended to make.

      3. Pre-populated Bids

        Every bid sheet had the incremental amounts of the bids pre-populated in the column. The incremental jumps between bids ranged from $5 to $50 depending on the value of the item. For example, restaurant vouchers went up by $5 increments, while a 2-week sleep away camp went up by $50 increments.

        So, all I had to do was write my bidder number or sign my name. I didn’t have to run through my typical mental routine…What is an appropriate next bid?…What are they expecting?…What will make me look like serious bidder?

        It was all so easy! There was no debate in my head to slow my progress or detract from the evening. Just sign and step…and, sign and step…and, sign and step. You get the idea!

        Silent Auction Sheet Bids Pre-populated

        4. Table Service

          The meal can chew up (pun intended) dozens of valuable fundraising minutes at an event. Don’t simply dedicate this time to digestion! At this event, a very friendly woman came by the table with silver “Mystery Envelopes.” These envelopes were $20 a piece and contained vouchers that were at least a $20 value.

          Now, I know we don’t want to leverage peer pressure too much as fundraisers, but we can’t ignore the opportunity altogether! Truth is you really don’t want to be the only person at the table who doesn’t purchase a Mystery Envelope! Plus, there is a silent competition going on around the table…who will select the most valuable envelope! The gentlemen next to me won, he got a $50 jewelry gift certificate.

          5. The Power of the $20 Bill

            Your guests may enter the event with a set amount that they want to spend on live or silent auction items. But, they also have a wallet with at least $100 of twenties in it as well. Give them lots of reasons to spend that money!

            For this event, there were three additional $20 options for spending money.

            • $20 got you three raffle tickets to win an iPad
            • $20 got you a Mystery Envelope
            • $20 got you a stunning 8x10 black and white photo of your child (More on this in a later post—it was fantastic!)

            There were about 150 guests at this event. Many were couples, so let’s guess that there were 100 possible purchasers. If each purchaser freed three $20 bills from their wallet at the event, that added a total of $6,000 to the money raised!

            It was such a memorable night. And, it was all in the name of research! Dad and I are tapping into the local fundraiser circuit to figure out how we can improve our offerings in our FundraisingRides business.

            Not a bad gig, right? We get to go to parties, meet new people, have a great meal (Yummy steak on Saturday!), and learn about the amazing things people just like you are doing for your non-profits!

            My plan is to bring you more helpful details about the fundraisers we attend in the coming months. In the meantime, share your fundraising event details with me in our online form and get a chance to win a hot air balloon ride for two! Dad and I can’t travel across the country…so if you have some great ideas to share with the group, please submit them!

            And remember, the bliss is in the details,


            This blog is sponsored by FundraisingRides, the division of Soaring Adventures of America, Inc. dedicated to providing non-profit organizations with fundraising opportunities.


            There is Something About Your Auction That You Need to RETHINK!


            The auction is likely the single most important hour of your fundraising efforts for the entire year!“Haven’t I met you before?” That’s all that kept looping through my head when I met Tom Weitbrecht at an event sponsored by The Non-profit ToolBox, just outside Boston, in the Fall of 2010.

            With a sparkle in his eye, an endearing “Bah”ston accent, and a handshake that felt like it was from an old friend, Tom said, “Nice to meet you, Jenna!” With a first impression like that, I am pretty sure that everyone thinks they have met Tom before!

            It was at that meeting, that I became passionate about the topic that we are discussing today. Honestly, it is a topic that many non-profits put to bed years ago. And because they are occupied with so many other decisions, they simply don’t think to revisit it.

            But, it is time to freshen up your due diligence and open up a dialog. Let me help get the ball rolling by giving a shout out to the group:  If you don’t use a professional auctioneer for your fundraiser, it is time to RETHINK!

            Can you think of any other high risk financial situation where you don’t turn to a professional?Okay, I know what you are thinking, “Jenna! Auctioneers cost money. They take a cut out of the funds we raise at our events.” Yes, they do. But, let’s take that notion and turn it upside down for a second. What are the costs of not having a professional auctioneer at your event?

            What do you hope to bring in at your auction this year.. $10K, $20K…$50K? The auction is likely the single most important hour of your fundraising efforts for the entire year! There are high expectations and high stakes—that makes it high risk! Can you think of any other high risk financial situation where you don’t turn to a professional?

            Anything that takes the auction off track--even in the slightest way--could distract bidders or make them lose interest and erode the funds you raise during that crucial hour.

            But, the great news is, anything (or, in this case, anyone) that keeps your auction on track—or, better yet, elevates the experience to entertainment and excitement for your guests, will increase the funds you raise during that crucial hour!

            So, I have two goals, today. My first goal is to inspire you to revisit the topic of hiring a professional auctioneer. My second goal is to give you the resources you need to make the right decision for your nonprofit. To that end, I am going to make cyber introductions to two auction professionals and their valuable online video content.

            Out-of-this-World-Super-Helpful Online How-to Videos from Two Auctioneers

            So, let’s circle back to my old friend, Tom (oh wait, he isn’t my old friend, I keep forgetting). Tom is the principal and chief charity auctioneer of The Strategic Auction Alliance and he has helped raise millions of dollars for charity organizations.

            Above, is a mini video with a handful of helpful auction tips and a demonstration of Tom’s auctioneering skills. After you check that out, I highly recommend carving out some time to watch his free webinar: Obtaining Quality Auction Items.

            The 25-minute seminar is jam-packed with HUGE ideas that you WILL implement. Plus, the recorded 35-minute Q & A session following the formal talk answers all the questions you will have swimming around in your head.

            I also want to introduce you to Sherry Truhlar who is the founder Red Apple Auctions. I have never met Sherry, but I am a big fan of her video content. She passionately disseminates massively practical event details that will have a meaningful impact on your auction!

            Sherry is dynamic and incredibly energized. She specializes in three to five minute videos that are a slam dunk in addressing, debunking and blowing out auction details. Above is one of my favorite videos where Sherry has a great no-bones-about-it opinion about how to (or more accurately how NOT to) announce the start of the auction! Below are three links to her short auction guides selected from her vault of helpful video content.

            How many items should you sell in your benefit auction?

            How to design the perfect auction bid paddle number for your event.

            How to display silent auction items at your benefit auction fundraiser.

            What I like about Sherry and Tom is that they know the best way to build trust is to be open and authentic. And, thank goodness for us, they are skilled in using web-based tools and media channels to cast a wide net and broadcast their good thinking to all of us do-gooders.

            Just so you know, I have no affiliation with Tom or Sherry. And, as I publish this post, they have no idea that I am singing their praises.

            So, there you go. It is time to RETHINK the auctioneer! Then REACT to these ideas. And, don’t forget to let me know how it all turns out.

            Remember, the Bliss is in the Details!


            P.S. Do you  have great auction tips to share, what to do and what not to do? Submit your ideas and get a chance to win a hot air balloon ride for two people!

            This blog is sponsored by FundraisingRides, the division of Soaring Adventures of America, Inc. dedicated to providing non-profit organizations with fundraising opportunities.

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